Fresh Ways to Understand & Manage the Stress of Life Transitions

viagra free sample here Life transitions are challenging and complex. Maybe there are times when you’d rather not participate in a workshop setting where there’s often a tug to engage in the transitions of other participants. Or, you just want the undivided support of a life transition coach or mentor.

here Trust me: This is not being selfish. Instead, this is reaching out to a support person trained to provide Life Transition Mentoring.

My Life Transition Mentoring offers you options
of three life-changing practices:


buy branded viagra Or, writing for your own eyes, because until you write the words on the page, your deepest thoughts and feelings about the transition may not seem real. Once the words are written, you will know better where you are, and where you’d like to be.

Creative Expression

viagra at shoppers drug mart Or, art-making where the process is always more important than a pretty product, where images hold answers, metaphors, and insights into your transition in ways words cannot reach. No worries; artistic skills not required.

Yoga Or, simple movements of the body while connecting to the breath, because yoga brings us into awareness of our bodies while lessening transition stress. Breathing brings us into the present moment, out of past and future worries.

You choose the practices you want go deep with During all of my Life Transition mentoring sessions, we will talk. Yet talking is often not enough to navigate a transition. This is why get link journaling is a pivotal key to your transition transformation, and therefore a part of all our sessions. Adding in creative expression and simple yoga practices creates a synergistic, powerful boost through the transition chaos. Yet, not every woman feels comfortable with yoga or creative expression. That’s why you have choices.

Chrysalis Journaling

This is a journaling-only opportunity for you to write your way through a transition and bring you closer to your new beginning. Whether you choose a source single one-hour session with me or a more personalized 4-week, deep-dive mentoring program, you will learn about the normal transition process, how writing can guide you through your transition and towards what is waiting beyond the tight, cocooning walls of the chrysalis.

Emerging Butterfly

This holistic offering combines writing, creative expression, and simple yoga to deepen your awareness of how transitions lie within the body, heart, and mind. Whether you choose a follow site single 90-minute session or a comprare levitra originale spedizione veloce 12-week integrative heart/mind/body journey into your transition, you will learn about the normal transition process, how memories are stored within your body, and how creative expression can help you visualize what’s ending and begin to feel the wings of a new beginning.

After my husband died five years ago, I released a lot of the initial grief. But had I experienced Ginny’s transition mentoring, I would have understood the importance the stages of a transition along with the importance of practicing self- care. Then the years following his death would have been less painful. I would recommend this class for anyone going through any kind of grief transition, as well as any other transition. That would include everyone! Today, I have my life and my creativity back, enhanced more than ever before.

Gail Skowron, client and workshop participant

Ready to begin your transformative journey towards your New Beginning but not sure where to start? Let’s discover together!

Schedule a free 30 minute journaling session

Together, we’ll talk about through the mentoring options, but only after your do a bit of journaling to discover more about what’s really going on in your life-changing transition and what you might need to do next. Yes, really, an action step by the end of 30 minutes. Writing is that powerful.


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