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Life Transitions are the Stuff of Great Stories

The world is filled with stories of women and men who have successfully navigated life’s transitions. Think about the transitions Dorothy navigated in the Wizard of Oz, not to mention those changes her companions undertook. Think about the Hero(ine)’s Journey as defined by Joseph Campbell. Think about movies like Thelma and Louise, or Up. All great stories begin with a life change because it’s the stuff that makes life interesting, whether it’s in the movies, stories, the books we read, or the lives we live. Through the life transition stories of others, we find wisdom and inspiration.

I Happily Recommend These Books:

The Little Paris Bookshop

Set in France, this novel is the story of Monsieur Perdu, a man who dispenses books from his floating bookstore barge to customers based on what is troubling them. But what troubles Perdu is a woman he fell in love with years ago, who left him for another. A series of events causes him to set sail on his bookshop river-barge to make peace with his past of loss and heartache. Nina George’s book made me laugh, cry, and come away richer for reading it.


If you’ve not yet read Wild by Cheryl Strayed, you must. It’s the true story of a woman treking the Pacific Coast Trail, as she grieves the death of her beloved mother. The book deftly weaves in Strayed’s years before the hike (involving addictions, adultery), and her experiences while walking the Trail. Wild truly reads like a Heroine’s Journey should. Action, adventure, romance, and plenty of guides along the way helping her re-discover who she is as a daughter, woman, friend. Wild is a highly satisfying read.

The Story You Need to Tell

This book is part memoir, part how-to begin writing your story through the power of journaling. Author and life-long educator Sandra Marinella learns she breast cancer, and begins writing her way through it, discovering strength and transformation. But her book also includes stories of how writing has helped veterans with PTSD, traumatized women, cancer survivors, and those dealing with grief and loss. Plus she includes helpful journaling prompts to get you started.

Writing Through Transitions, eBook

This is a guide and workbook for anyone wanting to learn more about the three-stage adult transition process. Written by transition coach and expert Leia Francisco, the easy-to read content with tons of wonderful writing prompts encourage people in transition to write, learn, transform, as we move from Letting Go of the Old Way and move towards Accepting the New Way. Lots of support with plenty of lined pages for writing. This is my #1 transition writing resource.


Subtitled A Doctor-Soldier’s Story, this memoir written by Dr. Jon Kerstetter tells of his many “crossing overs” (transitions) that began as a young Oneida man leaving the poverty of his reservation. Kerstetter continues to transition throughout his professional life: white collar exec, medical student, ER doctor, and then finally to an army combat flight surgeon with multiple tours of duty: Kosovo, Rwanda, finally Iraq. Read how he struggles with his opposing military roles of doctor and soldier. But continue reading to learn of his personal struggles and ultimate transformation following PTSD and a stroke.

Scarred by Struggle, Transformed by Hope

Joan Chittister claims she didn’t want to write this book. She wanted to write about hope, but she soon realized she couldn’t unless she also wrote about struggle. So Chittister dives into deep issues that provoke readers to reflect on how life’s challenges and difficult transitions can transform us, make us stronger, more resilient, more hope-filled. This book Based on her wealth of experience and her abiding faith, Sister Joan again delivers wisdom, this time on the power of transitions to transform us.

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