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Do remember this important safety tip from firefighters?
My children learned it decades ago in school as a burn prevention technique in case their clothing might ever catch on fire.  We practiced it in the living room and the back yard. They laughed and carried on, thinking it was a game. And I worried that they weren’t taking it seriously enough. I mean, God forbid, what if their clothing might catch on fire?
 Learn to Stop Drop and Roll Thumb
Yet, this slogan immediately came to mind when I thought about Charlie Gilkey’s thought provoking prompt from Quest 2015:
What do you need to STOP doing in 2015?
Maybe my children were on to something. Giggling while over-dramatizing the STOP. DROPping to floor in slow motion as if struck. And then ROLLing over and over enough to make themselves dizzy and silly. Laughing, always laughing.
Hmmm…what if we as grown-ups remembered to STOP, DROP, & ROLL in 2015, but not in response to our clothing catching on fire. What if instead we borrowed this jingle and applied it to the world that is on fire around us every day?  What if we looked for the fire, the flame of beauty in our world, the kind of wonder and glory Gerard Manley Hopkins reminds us is possible if we just look:
The world is charged with the grandeur of God.
It will flame out, like shining from shook foil…
And what if we responded by our own version of STOP, DROP, & ROLL, one that might go like this.
STOP! As in dead in your tracks when you see the melon pink, dusky purple, blood orange colors of a winter sunset. Or when your dog’s soft, warm body presses into your leg. Even a hot cup of tea seasoned with honey and lemon can be a cause of celebration. Stop what you are doing and notice, feel, experience, luxuriate in these sensations that brush up against your skin, your eyes, enter your ear canals, delight your taste buds, or bring a warm feeling into your chest. Oh, please, STOP and be still and notice.
2014-11-27 16.26.45
DROP! Let your jaw drop. Then plop down on your knees, your face, your back, your stomach and give thanks to the Divine, to your God, your Higher Power, to that which is greater than you or I.  In this season where we hear over and over the command to, “Fall on your knees! O hear the angel voices!”, pause in a moment of adoration for what you’ve just been privileged to witness. Listen for the angels. Whisper a prayer of gratitude for what lies before you. That your body can see and hear and taste and touch and feel this is simply extraordinary.
2014-02-17 20.30.31

Photo: Dawn Sontagg

ROLL!  Now dance the story. Squirm like a dog with an itch on his back. Roll like a child tumbling down a grassy hill. Twirl like a dancer spinning in her partner’s arms. Move your body with delight. Throw your head back in a hallelujah. Allow a song to erupt from your dry, dusty vocal chords. Laugh so hard that you need your arms to support you against your knees. Smile so intensely bright that you feel a new happy crease pop out the corner of your eye.  Roll your body through the air as if your very life depended on it.
2014-04-18 11.33.08
I’m willing to let go of my expressive inhibition at the beauty in this world. How about you?
Here’s to wishing us all a 2015 chock full of moments that cause us to STOP, DROP, AND ROLL.
Peace and blessings,
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  • Kim

    I love this analogy. The prompt took me in a similar direction. I teach through photography to pause, focus, and connect (click). Stop also said to me to stop dead in my tracks. I teach this because it’s a constant reminder that I really need. STOP DOING.

    • Ginny

      I love your photography take on this! It is so true there as well. STOP is always easy to say and hard to do. Thanks for your comments! XoxoG

  • Miriam Hall

    Ha! So awesome! I refer to same slogan in my piece for this prompt.
    I deeply appreciate how you, too, took it in a playful and physical direction.

    • Ginny

      Loved your post Miriam. Such a vulnerable direction. Such compassion. Indeed. We will all swallow our foot sooner rather thank later!

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