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Life Transition Coaching: An Equal Partnership

Sometimes when you’re in the midst of a transition, it can feel as if you’re stuck. But chances are you’re just moving through the transition at your pace, on your own timeline. Coaching is a way for you to work with someone who can guide you to your own answers during this time when it feels as if you’re letting go but aren’t sure where you’re headed.

Why Consider working with a Life Transition Coach?

  • A life transition coach will support you at every step of the coaching process
  • Life transition coaching is collaborative, meaning we co-create each session’s agenda and action plan
  • A life transition coach will help you move forward rather than dwelling in the past
  • A life transition coach will guide, affirm, clarify, and strategize with you
  • A life transition coach will help you create an action plan that is right for you, and she will help hold you accountable to the plan

Because it really does take more than one hour to help guide clients to their own answers and a new beginning, I offer my coaching in a package format with a minimum of three 1-hour coaching sessions over six weeks.

Ready to discover more about this Coaching Package?

Keep reading, or contact me for a free 30-minute conversation to see if coaching is right for you at this time.

Women of Wonder Premier Coaching Package

This Coaching Package includes:

On a time and date scheduled at your convenience, we will meet three times either via the phone or through an easy-to-use video/audio platform called Zoom for one hour.

During our first 1-hour session:

  • I will listen deeply to your transition story
  • You’ll learn about the three normal adult transition stages and consider which stage best describes where you are
  • I will ask questions to which you might journal
  • By the end of the hour, you’ll have an action plan to implement

During the remaining two 1-hour sessions, we’ll follow a similar pattern but include follow up on action plans, questions that have come up in the your reading or in your journaling.

In between sessions, we will schedule a 15-minute check-in via phone or email, and depending on what you’re discovering, I may email information on transitions, prompts, a poem, a meditation, or even a simple yoga practice.

Women of Wonder Premier Coaching Package $379

Please review the Terms and Conditions before payment.

As I journal, I can find myself smiling, or even tearing up a bit. I am reliving a moment, a thought, or a feeling, happy or sad but revealing my heart. In my journaling, I found myself expressing things I may not have ever said aloud and I often surprise myself! I find journaling with Ginny has been an awesome time of self discovering and ‘it’s all good’!

Susan R., client and workshop participant

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