What Women of Wonder Have to Say About Ginny Taylor

I highly recommend the Workshop Caterpillar to Butterfly: The Power of Writing Through Change and Mentor Session with Ginny…
There are few programs that can help you find hope and give clarity to your situation. Most books and philosophies uncover their perspective to move you toward growth. This program creates custom parts for you to uncover truth, but you must be willing to put in the effort and risk being known, even to yourself.

Lori Ann Strawhecker, client and workshop participant

Ginny is a gifted facilitator. She creates a safe space for women to come together to write, reflect, and be present in the experience.

Toni, workshop participant

A passionate teacher…
Ginny’s instruction style is one of gentle calmness, encouragement and understanding. She is in tune with the way women think and feel and relays that understanding. I’ve learned that I can journal.

Susan, workshop participant

I loved how comfortable I was surrounded by other women and all the wonderful strategies taught for more effective journaling. Ginny is such a kind, loving woman. I immediately felt warm and cozy in her presence. Through this workshop, I learned I have a lot more to offer the world than what I generally give myself credit for.

Sommer, workshop participant

After my husband died five years ago, I released a lot of the initial grief. But had I experienced Ginny’s transition mentoring, I would have understood the importance the stages of a transition along with the importance of practicing self- care. Then the years following his death would have been less painful. I would recommend this class for anyone going through any kind of grief transition, as well as any other transition. That would include everyone! Today, I have my life and my creativity back, enhanced more than ever before.

Gail Skowron, client and workshop participant

Ginny Taylor is truly a Wonder Woman! She has such a gift of sharing journaling with others, one that evokes inner strength and purpose with each client in her workshops. Her love of what she does shines through with supporting you on your own journey of healing and transition. Everything she does creates space for you to grow and learn in a nurturing environment.

Maureen Laur-Gatta, client and workshop participant

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