Journaling, Yoga and Creative Expression: The Holistic Approach to Life Transitions

Life transitions not only occupy our thoughts, but they can also reside within our bodies. Why? Because significant life transitions are a form of trauma, or a wound which is really what the root word of trauma means, a wounding. Our words and phrases during a transition hint at this bodily wounding: We feel heartsick, or it’s been a gut-wrenching time. We’re bone-weary while our hearts race. Or, we embody the stress through overeating, or our appetites vanish.

My Holistic Life Transition Mentoring is designed so you can begin to embrace and embody: your mind where words dwell, your heart where your creativity awaits, and your body, where your life force (prana) is blocked. In essence, this holistic way of mentoring unites all three practices I believe in and practice myself: writing, creative expression, simple yoga.

And the good news is you don’t have to be a writer, an artist, or someone who can place her foot behind her ear to benefit from Holistic Life Transition Mentoring. In fact, much yoga can be done while sitting in a chair or lying down.

Holistic Life Transition Mentoring can help you begin to:

  • Explore your innate creativity which may feel blocked
  • Reconnect to your body, which we as women often disconnect from
  • Discover how simple yoga postures can bring release of tension
  • Discover how creative expression can bring insight and wisdom to your transition experience
  • Learn how simple breathing practices can calm and ground you during times of transition stress
  • Experience writing as a tool to help chronicle and explore your transition journey
  • Gain knowledge of the normal adult transition process

Holistic Life Transition Mentoring is perfect for you, if you’re a women who:

  • Yearns to understand herself by exploring her mind, body, and heart as she moves through a life transition
  • Is open to integrating the practices of writing, creative expression, and simple yoga as powerful healing tools in her transition journey
  • Is already writing, but feels stuck in her transition story
  • Is doing yoga, but feels stuck in her transition story

This bears repeating: No prior journaling, yoga, or creative expression experience is needed before beginning either of the Holistic Life Transition Mentoring options.

Is this transition holistic journey hard and scary? You bet. It can also be anxiety-producing, chaotic, and disorienting. Yet, I also know this journey is rich with possibility, creativity, and wonder. In fact, it’s a journey not to be missed, one worth every word, every brushstroke, every breath.

Ready to begin a holistic approach to your transition?

Discover below which Emerging Butterfly option might work best for you.

Option One: Single 90-minute Holistic Life Mentoring Session

During your Emerging Butterfly Single Session, you will have opportunity to reconnect with your mind, heart, and body as together we explore your life transition through writing, breathing, simple yoga, and simple creative expression.

On a time and date scheduled at your convenience, we will meet virtually through an easy-to-use video/audio platform called Zoom.

By the end of our 90 minutes together, you will have had opportunity to:

  • Learn the three normal adult transition stages
  • Discover which stage best describes where you are in your transition
  • Gain deeper personal insight and clarity into your unique transition from writing in response to 1-2 journal prompts
  • Practice 1-2 simple breathing and yoga postures you can continue to use on your own
  • Create a unique visual interpretation of your transition by using crayons or markers

These 90 minutes will be brimming with transition practices and well-organized. It’s my goal to keep us flowing from one practice into the next while providing you with the tools you desire.

A day or so after we meet, I will send you a follow-up email summarizing our time together along with suggested resources and a few prompts so you can continue to holistically explore your transition further.

And the fee for this Emerging Butterfly Holistic Life Transition where you will discover the power of writing, breathing, movement, and creative expression? Just $149.

Think of $149 as an investment in yourself during a time of transition chaos. Because if you don’t invest in yourself, who will?

Emerging Butterfly Single Holistic Mentoring Session: $149

Option Two: 12-Week Holistic Life Transition Mentoring Package

This Emerging Butterfly 12-week Package is a personalized, 12-week deep, holistic dive into your transition utilizing the combined practices of writing, creative expression, and yoga.

Because of the program’s length, you will have rich opportunity to explore your transition by integrating the practices of journaling, creating art using simple art supplies, and releasing stress and blocked body energy with simple yoga postures.

By the end our 12 weeks together, you will have had opportunity to:

  • Create your transition self-care plan
  • Explore your transition by understanding and applying the normal adult transition process to it, which includes 3 stages: Letting Go of the Old Way, In-Between, and Accepting the New Way
  • Name your transition
  • Write your through your transition using provided journaling prompts
  • Create your way through your transition using simple art supplies and provided exercises
  • Breathe your way through transition by learning simple breath practices and yoga postures to release stress
  • Gain deeper personal insight and clarity into your unique transition
  • Create an action plan that can continue guiding you to your new beginning

This robust Emerging Butterfly package includes:

  • An initial 45-minute consultation where you learn more about me, and I can learn more about you, your transition and begin the personalization of the program’s content for you; questions are welcomed
  • Six 90-minute personalized holistic life transition mentoring sessions with me, scheduled when mutually convenient, during which you will journal, share, create, and practice simple yoga with me leading you; we will connect via the easy-to-use video/audio platform called Zoom
  • At the beginning of each of the 12 weeks, you will receive an email from me containing the week’s content, journaling, creativity prompts/exercises, along with support to continue simple yoga at home
  • Periodic check-ins where I’ll be emailing or messaging you offering support
  • Knowledge, materials, and prompts you can use again and again in your next transitions

The Emerging Butterfly Holistic Life Transition Mentoring Package is my ultimate offering. It’s designed for women in transition who are willing to commit 12 weeks of exploring their life-changing transition not only through writing, but also in how the transition is affecting their body and creativity.

If you’re that woman, this is for you.

Please know that because of the intensity of these 6 weeks, I can only accept four women a year into this program.

The Emerging Butterfly Holistic Life Transition Mentoring Package investment is $899.

Like I said, this is an exclusive, deep dive into your transition through three holistic practices: Journaling, Creative Expression, Yoga.

It’s a challenging journey. Yet it’s one worth every word, brushstroke, and breath.

But before you make a decision or commit to Emerging Butterfly Holistic Mentoring, let’s first have a conversation so we can discover more about each other, the program, check schedules, and I can answer questions.


A passionate teacher…Ginny’s instruction style is one of gentle calmness, encouragement and understanding. She is in tune with the way women think and feel and relays that understanding in her teachings.

Susan, workshop participant

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