Chrysalis Journaling Through Life Transitions

Life Transition Mentoring through the Power of Chrysalis Journaling

Sometimes being in a transition feels like being stuck in a chrysalis, with much happening on the inside, and that’s because the not-yet-butterfly expends a lot of energy to sustain itself while developing its wings! So do you.

Writing, or journaling, is a transformative power to help guide you through your transition and beyond the wall of your chrysalis. Time and again, research and personal stories have shown how writing helps us transform our life changes, create a new narrative, arrive at new way of understanding our lives.

And writing through your transition offers you even more.

Writing can provide you with:

  • A safe release of stress, tension and feelings that you may not be able to say to anyone
  • Calmness that can lead you to feel more in control of your choices, options
  • Groundedness because once written, your thoughts are no longer abstract blips bouncing around your mind
  • An affirmative record of your progress made through your transition, one you can return to not only as a witness but also as a path through your next transition
  • Your creative muse, who is eager to connect with you again
  • Healing and wisdom from past, still-needing-processed transitions

And the nice part about Chrysalis Journaling is that you don’t have to be an experienced journal keeper or writer! In fact, Chrysalis Journaling may be just what you need to begin your journey towards a new beginning.

Ready to begin writing your way through your transition?

See which Chrysalis Journaling option below might work best for you.

Option One: Single 60-minute Journaling Session

The Chrysalis Journaling Single Session is a perfect way to begin exploring your transition through journaling,
even if you’ve never touched pen to paper, or tried and stopped.

On a time and date scheduled at your convenience, we will meet through an easy-to-use video/audio platform called Zoom.

During our hour together you will:

  • Learn about the three normal adult transition stages
  • Discover which stage best describes where you are
  • Write in response to two journal prompts which might bring you deeper personal insight, clarity about your unique transition, or even possible next steps

A day or so after we meet, I will send you a follow-up email with suggested resources and a few prompts to explore your transition further.

All of this for $99.

Before you rush off, think of this as an investment in yourself, one truly worthy of your effort, your time, and that $99 visit to Barnes and Nobles, or Amazon, or Kohls.

Chrysalis Journaling Single Session: $99

Option 2: 4-Week Journaling & Mentoring Package

Ready for a deeper dive into your transition through journaling?
Then the Chrysalis Journaling Mentor Package is for you.

This is a personalized 4-week session with immersion into journaling, transition stage learning, naming your transition, and then journaling week by week through your transition. Spread over four weeks, you will begin to learn more about your transition through our conversations, by journaling your transition, and by beginning to integrate new insights and clarity into your life.

Over the course of 4 weeks, you will discover:

  • How to practice transition self-care
  • The importance of naming your transition
  • The three normal adult transition stages: Letting Go of the Old Way, In-Between, and Accepting the New Way
  • Personal insight into your transition through weekly journaling prompts delivered to your inbox that you are free to explore in the comfort of your home

This package also includes:

  • An initial 45-minute Consult where you and I will talk about your transition so I can learn more about you, your transition and begin the personalization of content for you
  • 4 weekly, 60-minute personalized journaling sessions with me, scheduled on a time and date convenient to you. During each meeting, we will connect via the easy-to-use video/audio platform called Zoom
  • 4 Weekly emails with journaling prompts to keep you writing through the week

The Chrysalis Journaling & Mentoring Package is a journaling-rich opportunity for anyone who has done a Single Session and yearns to go deeper, or someone who is ready to begin a longer, personalized time of mentoring and writing through a transition.

All of this—4 weeks of personalized journaling support, 5 Zoom connections, weekly emails with personalized journaling prompts—for just $399.

Yes, this is a deep investment for a deep program. Honestly, it’s not for everyone. But it might just be what you need at this time in your transition.

Chrysalis Journaling & Mentoring Package: $399

As I journal, I can find myself smiling, or even tearing up a bit. I am reliving a moment, a thought, or a feeling, happy or sad but revealing my heart. In my journaling, I found myself expressing things I may not have ever said aloud and I often surprise myself! I find journaling with Ginny has been an awesome time of self discovering and ‘it’s all good’!

Susan R., client and workshop participant

Any questions (and I do mean any questions)
about either of these opportunities?

Please contact me. I’d love to connect.


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