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I’m taking a terrific online course called “Writing & Healing” through the Center for Journal Therapy. One option in our writing exercises this week invited us to find a new place to write other than where we usually write. For example, if we wrote at home in the family room, instead we were to find, say, a coffee shop, or to at least write in a different room in our house.

I was  stuck. I think I’ve written in every room in my house. I know I’ve written in every single coffee shop that exists in Warren, Ohio. Where to go?

Since the beginning of April, I’ve been yearning to spend some time at Mosquito Lake, a nearby reservoir. There is always something very soothing about the lake for me. The water, waves, light reflecting off the surface, and the birds. But of all days to go to the lake, today was not the best since the sunny days of last week had turned into forty-eight hours of cold rain, wind, and low gray skies. Such was the case this morning.

But then, I thought why not visit the lake? I could sit in my car and write if need be, but at least I would be somewhere else, some place different, and I’d be writing.

Bluebird sitting on the dock

Bluebird sitting on the dock

So that’s what I did. Here’s what happened.

  • I became click here attentive to my surroundings. I noticed that between the water, sky, and clouds there are definitely more than 50 shades of gray! I noticed bluebirds, robins, cardinals. I saw a fisherman out on the break wall dressed in a bright yellow slicker. I felt the cold breeze, the rain drops coming through slightly opened windows. I heard the honking of a pair of geese that I saw rise up from the lake.
  • I wrote in response to this prompt: see My heart wants to say….. To my surprise, as if to spite the dismal surroundings, my heart was full of gratitude: a daughter’s 26th birthday, greater clarity on Women of Wonder, meeting a new friend, a walk last evening with my husband, and so much more.
  • After writing, I felt calmer, here more content. I reflected that I no longer considered myself crazy for being the only car in the marina parking lot on a cold rainy morning, that since the birds were out having fun in this weather, going about business as usual, that I could do the same. I closed my writing with this reminder: “Be content where you are. Write from where you are. Observe from where you are.”

So here’s the challenge. source link Find some place new to write. If you need to work on a creative project, do so. If you’re just wanting to journal, consider responding to this prompt: follow site My heart wants to say.… Regardless, before you leave, just take a few minutes to reflect on what happened while you wrote in this new place. What “aha” moment did you have?  What was the experience of writing in a different place like for you?  What insights did you gain? I’d love to hear about your experience.

Writing, breathing, and healing with you,


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