Ginny Taylor’s Holistic Approach to Life Transitions

  • Life Transition Coach
  • Certified Transition Writing Specialist
  • Journal to the Self Instructor
  • MFA in Creative Writing
  • MA in Interdisiplinary Studies
  • 200-level Registered Yoga Teacher
  • Presenter, Workshop Leader in Journaling, Creativity and Yoga
  • Award-winning Writer


At Women of Wonder, Ginny Taylor coaches women in transition towards their new beginning through the synergistic power of writing (mind), creativity (heart), and simple yoga (body).

Together, Ginny and Women of Wonder claims the following
core values as central to the accomplishment of its mission:

Since our founding in 2014, we aspire to treat all women with respect and positive regard. We model best practice in our work, including the principles of being ethical, fair, and responsible in all matters. We strive for excellence in all that we do. We embrace the CARES guidelines created by Kathleen Adams (Center for Journal Therapy) that call for confidentiality, acceptance, respect, empathy and support in all our interactions with clients. While we honor the right of every woman to her own opinion, we will not tolerate hateful speech or actions that harm or threaten another.

I’m passionate about coaching women through life transitions because I know firsthand that:

  • Life is too short to be lived in confusion and pain
  • The world needs your voice, your best self, especially now
  • Life transitions are hard, lonely, frightening
  • Sometimes it takes one just passionate woman to help you unearth your own innate wisdom, dreams, and healing

Ginny Taylor is truly a Wonder Woman! She has such a gift of sharing journaling with others, one that evokes inner strength and purpose with each client in her workshops. Her love of what she does shines through with supporting you on your own journey of healing and transition. Everything she does creates space for you to grow and learn in a nurturing environment.

Maureen Laur-Gatta, owner of The Yoga Room

Ginny’s Life Transition Story

My life crumbled when my children started leaving for college in 2003. I remember feeling a mix of emotions: happy that they were transitioning into their adult years and heading off to college. I felt proud they were moving on with their lives. But at the same time, I couldn’t help but feel lost in mine. Within a matter of months, I lost my identity.

Embarrassed and afraid of what others might think, I kept everything bottled up inside. I tried to soothe myself through shopping, alcohol, eating, a few new jobs. I looked for things outside of me to bring me identity, purpose, and happiness. I was miserable.

Then I stumbled onto an Inward Journey, and that saved my life.

First, I discovered journaling, which opened me up to writing down my thoughts, my shame, my wounds, my dreams on the safe pages of my journal. Once written, I began to rewrite my story.

Next came yoga, which helped me find my breath and reconnect to a body I had long ago dissociated from because it was never the right size or shape. The day I learned it was OK to not touch my toes in a forward fold, I wept.

Though I never thought myself artistic, I discovered that creative expression could focus more on the process and not a pretty or useful end-product. I unearthed the transformative power of images, colors, lines, shapes, collage.

Lastly, I learned that all life transitions follow a pattern, one which we can navigate reflectively by connecting to our own inner wisdom. This was my Inward Journey to a discovering myself, my New Beginning.

My life has been one transition after another.
How about yours?

Maybe you’re in the midst of a life-changing transition now.
Whether it’s a divorce, retirement, the empty nest, returning to college, or still experiencing grief, you may be having “transition” roller coaster of thoughts and feelings and more.


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