8 Simple Ways to Mother Your Creativity

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The weekend is approaching, full of flowers, and Mother’s Day cards, long distance phone calls, lunches, dinners, and gifts. This is as it should be for those who are able to respond in the traditional ways of a day set aside to honor our mothers.

But the question that’s been on my mind lately is this: How are you mothering your creativity?

I ask this not to add another “to do” item to your burgeoning list of plants to buy, cards to mail (where are those stamps??)  and phone calls to make. I ask this not to add to the load of cooking, cleaning, or even the perhaps painful revisit to the past.

Instead, I ask this as way to remind all of us that our well of giving-giving-giving to others (as mothers and for mothers included) will run dry, if we don’t take time to mother our own creative spirits.

Recently I’ve heard these comments from women participating in my workshops and classes:

I could journal at home. But I wouldn’t ever think to set aside two hours to just write, or create, or play, or do something for myself.

I take care of everyone else, and everything else, and the last person I allow myself to spend time with is myself.

Their words make me realize just how the mandate to “spend time with myself” can become another burden to our already busy days.

Mothering our creativity doesn’t have to take hours or days. It can happen simply and in a few moments.

Here are a few simple but nourishing ways to mother your creativity, in no particular order:

  1. Read a poem. Visit The Poetry Foundation, search for women poets like Mary Oliver, Denise Levertov, Amy Lowell, Joy Harjo, Maya Angelou. Take a moment to read the poem aloud. Notice what you love about it.
  2. Get outside. Take a walk in the backyard or around your block. Jump in a puddle. Hike a trail.
  3. Plant a few seeds in a small windowsill pot, in your yard, along side the road.
  4. Visit a playground and watch children play. Listen to their laughter. Giggle with them. Swing.
  5. Open your journal and write to this prompt: My best day ever includes….
  6. Sit in silence. Just you and your lovely, nurturing breath. Take 10 of them.
  7. Crack open that coloring book you’ve been meaning to get to and color.
  8. Spend time in a greenhouse engaging all of your senses. What do you see, hear, smell, taste, touch? You don’t have to buy a thing.

You probably have other ways of mothering your creativity. Whatever it is you do, celebrate it. Write it down on your calendar or journal. Schedule your next creativity mothering moment.

I’d love to hear ways you mother your creativity. I’m always looking for new ideas. Post comments below (Every blogger LOVES comments!!) Or email me.

Also, if you’d love to be part of a group of women learning to commit to playing on a more daily basis, let me know. A secret Facebook group of women called #sacredplayeveryday is waiting for you!

Here’s to Mothering Your Creativity today and always! If you’re looking for another way to quickly journal, try the List of Three mentioned in a recent blog post! And if you like what you read here, I’d be so appreciative if you would share this post on your favorite social media stream by clicking below. Many thanks!

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