Caterpillar to Butterfly: The Power of Writing Through Change

Do you find yourself still struggling with a life change, like a divorce or career move, that happened years ago? Or, are you in the midst of a transition, say, from “in a relationship” to “seeks a relationship,” from employed to retired, from single to married, or empty nest to full nest, or vice versa?

Our lives are full of changes…some we fly through with ease. Others, not so much, and these are the ones we get stuck on and and the ones that can affect our lives and our sense of well-being. If this sounds like you, learn about the power of your unresolved transition and register today for Caterpillar to Butterfly: The Power of Writing Through Change.

For Women Only: An Afternoon of Radical Play

Why should children have all the play time this summer? Join in the fun by coming to An Afternoon of Radical Play at The Yoga Room in Niles, Sunday, June 25th, from 2-4:30pm. Together we’ll play with watercolors, paints, collage in an atmosphere where there are no rules (other than be kind to yourself and others), no rewards, and no measurements. It’s not about the final product and how much you can get for it. Instead, it’s about playing for the sake of playing. Bring a friend to this one-of-a-kind fun afternoon.

Journal to the Self Workshop
Sundays, July 9th through 30th
The Yoga Room

In a Journal to the Self Workshop, you’ll learn 20+ techniques for jumpstarting your journaling. If you’re feeling stuck every time you’ve opened a journal to write, or if you think journal writing has to be only stream-of-consciousness for hours at a time, come learn some great new practices for discovering your thoughts, emotions, memories on the pages of your journal! Click here to learn more!

June Journal Time at The Yoga Room

Curious about journaling, what it is and how it can benefit your every day life? Ready to take your journaling practice to a new level? Wondering how journaling can do things like:

  • Boost your well-being
  • Increase personal growth
  • Help with life management
  • Express yourself creatively

For the month of June, we focus on life transitions, those tough changes we all go through.  Click below for more information!