acros·tic  noun \ə-ˈkrȯs-tik

A series of lines or verses in which the first, last, or other particular letters when taken in order spell out a word or phrase.

by Ginny Taylor

Writing offers abstract thoughts, feelings and memories a safe and concrete place to land—on the page instead of flitting around our minds. We can vent, rant, rave, cry, smile, and laugh in the pages of a journal 24/7.

Reflecting on what we’ve written—whether right after a writing session or weekly, monthly, yearly—provides us opportunity to be surprised by what flowed from our pens and to open us to an epiphany or next step. “Aha,” we say, “that’s something I hadn’t thought of before.” Reflection helps us also realize how far we’ve come.

Insights surface through writing. While our left brain—the part liking structure—pushes the pen back and forth across the page, our right brain—the part in love with metaphor, movement, music—speaks to us through story, language, and metaphor.  We come to know ourselves better through our words.

Through our written words, we re-examine old wounds and birth new dreams. We validate our self-worth and our desires to live brave, exciting, imaginative lives. We understand our past. We learn forgiveness.

Excavating our truths on the page yields greater health. Our immune system gets a boost. Our stress hormones and blood pressure lower. Our internal organs function better. The page offers a safe haven for our words to explode from our heart and mind, instead of against those we love.