The Power of

Writing Through Change

Begins October 2nd!

Said the caterpillar to cocoon, “What if I fail in there?”

Said the cocoon to the caterpillar, “Oh, my darling. But what if you fly?”

Caterpillar to Butterfly: The Power of Writing Through Change is a five week  journaling experience for women who are ready to navigate a significant life transition, like a career change, the US election, a move, retirement, menopause, aging, a new marriage, loss of a loved one, or an adult child moving back home, just to mention a few.

These are just a few examples of the many possible transitions–or changes–we as women experience throughout life, changes that can significantly affect our life and hold us back from our best work in the world.

So many things happen to us along our life’s journey. And as we rush through, tending from one thing to next, putting out one fire even as we smell the smoke of another, we don’t have the time to fully process some of the significant transitions along the way.

The result? We stay as caterpillars. Munching along, ignoring the elephant in the room. We know we need to “cocoon” ourselves, spend some time with the ick of things getting messy. But we also know it’s potentially going to be painful. So we don’t.

And by not spending time with the transition itself, we miss the power of transformation possible within our lives by letting go of what was, so that we can become what we will be. We miss out on the wisdom the transition has to share with us.

What is a Transition?

Transition expert Leia Francisco, the author of Writing Through Transition, writes that a transition:

…is a reaction to a change in situation, roles, relationship, and life view significant enough to a affect one’s life and functioning.

…may be perceived as positive, negative, or a mixture of both, and they can be specific, time-driven events like a new job or a longer process such as the loss of a loved one or recovery of health.

Any change that you feel is still affecting your life–perhaps holding you back from moving forward–is a transition worth exploring.

So a change becomes a transition when it holds you back.

There is NO hierarchy  to the impact of changes in a woman’s life. What might be experienced as a significant transition for one, may not be experienced by another woman in the same way since each of us brings our own unique and wonderful selves to each of our transitions.

Perhaps a divorce changed your life forever, and maybe that was a good change for you, and you’re over it. But for another woman, a divorce is still a source of pain. Or perhaps retirement for one woman has proven to be a time of joy and personal fulfillment, while for you it feels more like an identity crisis.

Or maybe the political transition in Washington has placed you in a personal as well as cultural limbo-land.

Each of us–and no one else–gets to determine the impact of a change in our lives.

What to expect from Caterpillar to Butterfly: The Power of Writing Through Change

During our five weeks together, you’ll be learning about a transition model developed by Dr. William Bridges–another acclaimed leader in transitions and incorporated into Leia Francisco’s work as a transition mentor. I’ve studied under Leia, and deeply appreciate the insight she gives in her courses and also in her guidebook, Writing Through Transitions, which I’ll be referencing often during our course.

Here’s what you’ll be exploring each week:

  • First Week: During our first week, you’ll begin learning about the normal three stages of an adult transition. Most significantly, though, you will journal to develop your Transition Self-Care Plan, discovering your supports, skills, daily rhythm and more. This is a crucial foundation to create, one that you will return to again and again as you move through the upcoming weeks. Plus, you’ll also receive a special guided meditation to reconnect to your compassionate self which you can practice as often as you like.
  • Second Week: You will choose one personal transition to work on. Throughout the week, you’ll have opportunity to journal and/or creatively express your responses to prompts and the material presented including naming your transition as we explore Letting Go of the Old Way. This is the first stage of a transition, what I’ll call the Caterpillar stage. We begin by using reflective prompts to explore what’s ending. We will also meet on Sunday for our live Zoom video/phone conversation.
  • Third Week: During this week, you will begin to ponder, journal, or creatively express your reflection on the second stage called the In-Between. This stage is time of confusion, of being in the middle. Something has ended, but something new has yet to begin. It’s a time when up is down, and down is up, where little feels solid beneath your feet. I call this the Cocoon stage.
  • Fourth Week: We stay In-Between because this stage often requires a period of longer-looking, closer inspection, deeper immersion. We’ll stay in this dark, fertile, creative, mysterious Cocoon for another week. Our second live Zoom video/audio call will be at the end of this week.
  • Fifth Week: The final stage is called Accepting the New Way. In this final week, we’ll explore what beginnings look like, discover that a new self with new possibilities may beginning to emerge. Of course, this is the Emerging Butterfly stage.

How will you Benefit from Caterpillar to Butterfly?

By participating in this four week virtual course, you’ll benefit by:

  • Exploring a personal transition in a circle of other women who are doing the same hard work.
  • Discovering the significance of naming the transition stage you are in, whether its Letting Go of the Old Way, In-Between, or Accepting the New Way.
  • Learning the adult transition process, its normative features, and apply this process to your transition.
  • Strengthening your transition-muscles for future transitions while also finding strength and wisdom from past transitions.
  • Building resiliency by having a framework for processing other life transitions or changes, whether from the past or those that will inevitably happen in the future.b
  • By course completion, you will have transition concepts, process insight, and journal prompts to take with you into the next transition you need to navigate, whether a career move, job change, relationship loss, retirement, etc.

How it works.

This is a five week self-paced course. Each week, beginning Monday, October 2nd through Monday October 30th, you’ll receive an email from me that you will have all week to spend time with. Each email will contain the following:

  • Content based on the week’s transition stage
  • Journal and creativity prompts to choose from for your personal exploration of your transition.
  • NEW this time! Two Zoom video/audio conversations as a group! You’ll have opportunity to meet one another face-to-face and a chance to check in and share how this transition process is unfolding in your life, how the writing is going. Together, we’ll gain encouragement from one another. These will happen Sunday, evening on both October 15th and 29th, at a time still yet to be determined. Don’t worry if you can’t make the Zoom calls: they will be recorded for future listening.
  • An invitation to make new friends and share your weekly discoveries in a community called Caterpillars to Butterflies, a Facebook secret group.

You can do as many of the prompts as you’d like, because even a short journaling time will be insightful and beneficial to you as you explore your transition. And the Facebook group is totally optional. Yet, many will tell you it has become their favorite part.

And there’s more…

When you register for this course, you will also gain immediate access to TWO ways to begin diving into your transition experience.

  1. Guided meditation to practice self-compassion that you can return to again and again to strengthen your compassion for yourself and your own unique transition process.
  2. Audio recording of my interview with transition coach and leader Leia Francisco. You’ll be able to download this and listen at any time to learn more about the power of working through our transitions.

Plus both of these mp3 files you will have access to for the length of the course, so you can return to them again and again when you need to.

Three Ways to Opt-In to Meet Your Life-Transition Needs

Because I want to make sure you’re receiving the transition support you need, I’ve created Three Opt-Ins for Caterpillar to Butterfly: The Power of Writing Through Change.

More to come here!

When, Where, How, and How Much…coming soon.

I promise. I’m receiving feedback from the class that just finished, and want to make sure I make this an outstanding offer with outstanding value! Thanks for your patience.

Space will be limited to 15 in order to keep the community small and intimate. Contact me  to make sure you receive information when pricing and registration become available!

Still not sure Caterpillar to Butterfly is for you, worth the investment, or just have questions about how much time will this take. Or, maybe you’ve never journaled before, and are wondering if this is right for you? I’d love to talk with you. Feel free to contact me via this handy email contact form that comes right to my personal inbox.  We can even set up a time to chat live if that works better.

Life is full of change. Why not start learning the skills and ways you can navigate the turbulent transition waters. Why not begin to discover the wisdom your transition has to offer you for future times of change. Why not begin today!

Caterpillar to Butterfly: The Power of Writing Through Change is ready and waiting for you.

About Your Instructor Ginny Taylor

Ginny Taylor is a life transition mentor and published writer who is passionate about guiding women in life-changing transitions towards their new beginnings through the synergistic power of writing, creativity, and simple yoga. She has studied Writing Through Transitions under transition expert Leia Francisco, completing transition facilitator training through the Therapeutic Writing Institute. When Ginny left her job as a college registrar in 2014 to embark on Women of Wonder, she kept a transition journal.

Also certified Journal to the Self instructor, Ginny holds numerous journaling, creativity, and yoga workshops in Ohio and online.  She also mentors women in transitions through one-on-one settings and in small groups. Ginny has an MA in interdisciplinary studies, an MFA in creative writing, and is 200-level Registered Yoga Teacher. She’s an Ohio girl who loves trees, water, and always enjoys an evening campfire in her own backyard with her husband and two dogs.