I want to give you something.

It’s a small something, but when taken to heart and kept in a special place, I believe it can offer reassurance, permission, and encouragement.

It can be a reminder that you’re not alone on your journey to wholeness.

I’m calling it the Women of Wonder Coloring Page.

An 8 x 11.5 coloring page which not only offers wonderful space to creatively color but also an inspirational poem to take to heart.

Coloring Page

My friends over at The Coloring Well designed it with you in mind. Co-creators Richard Stocker and Cathy Shap partner together as artist and wordsmith. Together they created this first Women of Wonder Coloring Page.

And I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you.

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Because I want you to join the Women of Wonder Circle, to be in a community with other women who have experienced sexual abuse and are working hard on transforming their story of shame into a story of greater strength. And they’re doing so within a supportive and encouraging community, a sisterhood of connection and love.

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And then, when you’ve colored your page, send me a picture of the full page! Maybe even include a selfie. I would just be tickled pink to receive it!


As Cathy and Richard say, “Coloring is a moving meditation.” 

Let’s all move onward on our journeys to wholeness.

Love and peace,


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