Ginny Taylor, Healing Arts Facilitator

You are more than a survivor of sexual trauma. You are a beautiful Woman of Wonder.

Even though you may not believe you are one.

And this could be because we live in a time when sexual trauma silences, compartmentalizes, and marginalizes women and our stories. Instead of really listening, people tell us to “get over it.” And our attempts at “getting over it” have often involved unwise choices. We struggle with intimacy in our relationships. We struggle to connect to our bodies. Whether the abuse happened in our near or more distant past, our lives have become layers of tangled wounds drawing us further away from our best selves. We can’t live in our bodies. We have difficulty living in the present. We are challenged to live with ourselves. This is our untold story.

But what if we could transform our past lives of pain and shame into new stories of strength—stories that foster connection and intimacy with others and ourselves. What if we used holistic practices like yoga, journaling, creative expression, and gratitude to help us “get through it” since there is no quick or easy way to “get over it? What if we could learn to listen to our bodies, to wander bravely into our silence, to finally own our story? What if our past traumas could become our greatest strength?

I’m Ginny Taylor, a healing arts facilitator and founder of Women of Wonder.  As a woman who experienced childhood sexual abuse and is on healing journey myself, I believe our past can become our greatest strength. But it’s not a simplistic or easy journey. We can’t do it alone. So I invite you to join me and other Women of Wonder as together we forge a new story of wholeness and connection within ourselves, with others, and with our communities, a story that elevates each of us from the past and into a life lived in present beauty.

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Why do any of this?

Because you matter, your story matters, your healing matters, and your dream matters.

From my healing heart to yours!

burst-in-circleExperience Ginny’s beautiful acrostic poetry on what it means to write, breathe, and heal. Click on each photo below.